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Will Serve Letters

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Obtaining a will serve Letter

In order to obtain a conditional “will serve” letter, the builder or developer must contact the engineering department to verify the property is located within the service area of Rosamond Community Services District (RCSD). The RCSD Engineering department can be reached at (661)256-3411 x229.

Once the location is verified you will need to supply two (2) copies of the Tract map or site plan and a payment of:

  • $400 per tract or
  • $50 per individual Lot (some lots may be charged $400 for the engineer’s time)

The conditional Will serve letter is good for one (1) year from date of the letter.

The developer at this point sends the letter along with the plans to Kern County for Approval.

Once plans are approved by both RCSD and Kern County connection fees must be paid and an Unconditional will serve letter will be issued.