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Public Works

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The public works department is made up of several divisions including water quality, water/sewer, vehicle maintenance, and the wastewater treatment plant.


  • Water distribution system maintenance and repairs
  • Meter installations
  • Water pressure
  • Installation of sewer lines

RCSD's Sewer System

wtpRCSD's sewer system is comprised of 71 miles of collector and trunk sewers. The sewage flows to the Treatment facility which is comprised of a grinder, influent pumps and automatic influent sampling. The bar screen and grinding facility remove large objects from the stream flow. The sewage then flows to a series of treatment ponds, where it is naturally stabilized and eventually evaporates. This process is relatively simple and low cost. Even though this process is land intensive; RCSD has sufficient land to provide this level of treatment. The process is in conformance with all regulatory agencies' requirements.

The sewer pipe lines have to be cleaned on a periodic basis. The cost of this activity has increased, as has the need to clean some areas of the system more frequently. RCSD is growing and adding more commercial activities. Restaurants, Laundromats, etc discharge such substances as fat, oil and grease which clog sewer lines. Sections of the sewer system that service these facilities require more frequent cleaning and, in turn, experience more cost.

Public Works Images

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