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Rosamond Water Reclamation Plant

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Responsible Development

We take our responsibility to our customers seriously, especially in infrastructure development. With this in mind, we are excited to share frequent updates on one of our largest projects in recent history, our new Rosamond Water Reclamation Plant.

This project represents big picture thinking and planning for our future. It will provide vastly enlarged treatment capabilities and the means to reintroduce the treated, clean and healthy water back into our aquifers. More than just being financially responsible and helping to ensure our customers' continued access to a quality and affordable water supply, it represents a dedication to conserving and protecting one of our most valuable natural resources.

This construction project began in November 2019, and is projected to continue for 18 months. During this time, please take a moment to explore the interactive panoramas posted below and check back frequently for updates.

6 Feb 2020

17 Jan 2020 

06 Jan 2020

19 Dec 2019

22 Nov 2019